Pinning a Mechanism

How much power will it take to remove a pin, if 200 pounds of force acts in the perpendicular direction? Would a pneumatic piston work?

Depends on the pin. You’d have to overcome the force of friction, which is the perpendicular force (200lbs in this case) times the coefficient of friction. If you can make the coefficient of friction small (by using slippery materials) then it should not take too much force to pull the pin.

Depends on the size of the pin, the material of the pin, the material that the pin is going into, and the shape of the pin.

:yikes: Is this holding back a spring?!

Wow remind me to borrow some hockey gear before i stand by the field this year…


Yes, we have a spring like force on the other side. I uploaded a pic to CD-media.

The force pulls to the right along the orange rod/string.