Pinning between the Cargo Ship and the Rocket?

If you position your robot on the opponent’s side between the cargo ship and the rocket blocking the other alliance from movement in that area does it count as pinning? If it is, will it be true under all of these conditions…
1.) the opponent robot is stuck between you and the mid-line
2.) all opponent robots are not between you and the mid-line but you are not letting them go to that area
3.) you are moving back and forth in the area between the cargo ship and rocket (at least 6 feet) and stopping for 3 seconds on the edges so you would not pin

I think that this topic answers your question decently well

Yes I have seen this but what if you block out half of the field by standing in between the cargo ship and rocket without having a robot stuck between you and the midline, would that not be pinning then?

I think that it would be considered pinning, because you prevent them from moving, since they have a forced foul when they move over the line. Below you can see a screensnap of G18, the scenario in the blue box looks a lot like the one you are describing I believe.

If you aren’t sure you can always ask during the Q&A, that will also be a definitive answer. Just keep in mind that a lot of robot interaction is dependent on the ref’s interpretation of the situation, they are human and what one sees as an elaborate foul might be a smart use of game rules to the other

You inadvertently gave the definitive answer that will be given by Q&A. “We cannot comment absolutely on hypothetical scenarios; the final decision will be up to the Head Referee at your event.” Many situational questions will be answered like that.

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