Piston Pin

Can you take the back mounting pin out of the pistons and replace them?

I know the rules say not to modify the pistons at all, but taking the pin to mount the piston illegal?

Yes you may take the pin out.

thank you very much.

Rule reference for you…

<R92> Pneumatic components supplied in the Kit Of Parts (compressor, regulators, pressure switches, cylinders, valves, fittings, tubing, etc.) can not be modified except as follows:
 The tubing may be cut.
 The wiring for the valves and pressure switch may be modified as necessary to interface with the control system.
 Mounting and connecting pneumatics components using the pre-existing threads, mounting brackets, etc., is not considered a modification of the components. Removing the pin from the rear of an air cylinder is allowed as long as the cylinder itself is not modified.
Do not, for example, file, machine, or abrasively remove any part of an air cylinder. Consider pneumatic components sacred. They must remain in “out of the shipping box” condition.