Pistons beat Lakers

Anybody watch game 5 of the NBA finals and see the Lakers get pummeled?

Didn’t care.

After Jordan’s buzzer-shot in '98, it hasn’t been that interesting.

Yep, proud Southern Californian anti-Laker! :smiley: I was so glad to see the Lakers get beat so bad. 100-87! Wow

Amazing…thats all I can say.

One last question…did Detroit get burned down yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow… a tied poll, for people who want the Pistons to win and the people who just don’t care.

Tonight at graduation, the ASB president included in his speach “We have learned several things over the years here at Clark. Recently the Lakers have tought us NOT how to face challenges.” Everyone laughed.

LOL nope, nope (Although there were plenty of fireworks which couldda been a fire hazard :stuck_out_tongue: …)

Kimmel did issue some sort of apology (if you consider that an apology) though… :rolleyes:

DEEEEEEETROIT BASKETBAAAAALL! There ain’t no party like a Detroit party… 'Cause a Detroit party never stops!


No. But there was mayhem, a lot of noise and a lot of police in towns near detroit and in detroit itself. Oh yeah, and my cousin went berzerk.

You’re thinking of Lansing, I think.


Detroit is just sweet like that. And for the wings - if the wings did win there would be no notice of the Pistons. Rember - this is all planned out :smiley: