Pit Area?

Can someone say me the size of the pit area that we will work on it??

(Sorry about my bad English)

A typical pit is 10 feet by 10 feet; occasionally they’ll be as small as 8 feet by 8 feet.

I believe that this is also in Section 3 of the Manual.

correct most of the times they are a 10 x 10 area but can be smaller depends on the amount of teams at a regional

The size of the pits may not be determined until a more complete team list is in place. I believe you are coming to Chicago, Midwest Regional. If you get lucky, an end pit allows a little extra breathing room but plan on 8 ft. x 8 ft. and be pleasantly surprised if it is larger. If you need anything, send me PM. I will be your Lead Inspector in Chicago.

The pits are about 3 x 3 meters, perhaps a little bigger or smaller. I thought I would add the metric measurement, too, if that makes more sense for you.

Actually we are going Seattle, but another team from Turkey are going to Chicago. I’ll say them that you can help them=))

Thanks, metric measurement is better for us =)

It all depends on the regional. Most are about 10 x 10. At the Florida regoinal we have had more room (it seemed like more) and at the Philadelphia regional we’ve had as little as 7 x 8 (you never know what to expect there).

Also depends on the year and venue. 2008 L.A. Regional shared space with the water tank for American Gladiators. Pits were pretty small (I think 8’ by 8’). 2009 L.A. Regional was in a new venue with plenty of room. Teams were pleasantly surprised to find 10’ by 15’ pits with wide aisles.

Usually depending on the amount of registered teams and size of the venue. Its anywhere from 8x8 to 12x12 generally speaking. but just check your regional and if there is around 35-40 anticipate a larger pit and so on and so forth.

I would also like to add that you are also limited to 10’ in height as well. I remember last year one team had to modify their pit structure to comply with that rule.