Pit Crew Restrictions

Are there any restrictions for the pit crew during the competition? Can there only be a certain amount of people working as the pit crew?

Space is the only consideration. Be safe in the pits.

You are limited by the number of people you can fit in a 10x10 box. :slight_smile: More seriously, in the pit by common sense. During eliminations, you are generally allowed 3 in the playing area.

Per section 5.5.3:

During the Playoff MATCHES, extra Team members may be needed to maintain the ROBOT between MATCHES because of the distance between the FIELD and the pit area. Each Team is permitted to have three (3) additional “pit crew” members who can also help with needed ROBOT repairs/maintenance

Our safety captain only allows 5 people in the pit at a time but there is no competition rules that limit the number of people in the pit.