Pit Crew

Is there a maximum amount of people we can have on pit crew?

Yes there is, i don’t have the manual on me now but i think i remember whats the limit, the coach driver,two other drivers, and a technician.(if im wrong just correct me, but i think that’s correct)

Do you mean a limit on how many people can be in the pit with you, because I do not think there is a limit. A given team may want to make a limit however to the drive team, a mentor or two, a safety captain, and a business lead. Or if there is something you want to show off for judges, someone who is an “expert” to present that (though anyone in the put who is a student should be able to do that).

sorry,i was thinking driver station, the pit tho, i am not sure,sry

5 drive team

I meant specifically in the pit in addition to the drive team. Is there a maximum?

Only however many people can fit in there. However, since you only have a 10x10 area to work with (less at some events) and a good portion of that will be taken up by a robot and whatever toolboxes and tables you bring, I would limit yourselves to:

  • Mentor for supervision
  • Programmer to make last minute code fixes
  • Drivers (if testing or about to queue)
  • Safety captain
  • Mechanic (If they aren’t on the drive team or the safety captain)
  • Student to talk to judges (if they aren’t already the programmer or the safety captain)
  • Someone to fulfill pit admin requests (if they aren’t anyone listed above, including the mentor)

There is no limit to how many people you can have in the pits at any given time, but keep in mind that if all 70 team members are there (for a larger highschool) it will sometimes get a little hectic.

Story from Competition: At one of our competitions, Judges mentioned that our pit was really really crowded and that it could be a safety hazard. It was mentioned it a few times, especially when our pit had over like 10 people.

Keeping that in mind, it kind of it a safety hazard having that many people in such a small place. We ended up cutting it to 7 people in the pit, which worked so much better than a large group.

Another consideration is robots in PowerUP are likely larger taking up more of your pit and large robots moving in small aisles can also be a specific issue this year in the pits especially any ramp bots. I would keep it to needed bodies to fix the robot and one person that can talk intelligently about the team/robot to anyone that asks , the rest can roam and watch the competition.