Pit Dimensions

How big are the pits supposed to be for FIRST competitions?

I belive the dimentions are 10’x10’

How sure are you of that?

Sure enough to post it, not sure enough to say, “this is the exact answer”

I’ll back up the 10x10 measurement–this is what the pits traditionally measure. If you’re designing a pit with a fence, I’d suggest being able to whack a foot or so off of that if push comes to metaphorical shove.

Thanks, friend.

It will vary between regionals. I believe the minimum is 10’ x 10’. It’s definitely atleast 8’ x 8’. Some regionals can go up to 12’ x 12’. And it’s somewhat fluid anyways thanks to rushed measuring during pit setup and sprawl created by other teams. So if you’re planning one of the big pit setups, you should perhaps wait until closer to competition and contact the regionals you’ll be attending to find out what size pits they’ll be having.

Two years ago at the St. Louis Regional we were restricted to 8’ by 8’. And the regional crew was very strict about infringing on other team’s pit space and about encroaching on the aisles. Of all the competitions I have been to in the last 7 years St. Louis was the only one that did not have 10’ by 10’ pit spots.

Of course, if you’re lucky you will be assigned an end spot or a spot up against a wall that may afford you a little more space. We were fortunate enough to have end spots at Boilermaker, West Michigan AND the Championships last year. We’re hoping our luck carries over to this year.

See you at the comps!

they were 10’ x 10’ at both BAE in New Hampshire and Chesapeake in Maryland and of course at the Nationals. we have a pit design that will work for 8,10,and 12 by using enterchangable parts…

see everyone in hartford, vegas, and hopefully atlanta!

The pits at the VCU regional are 8x8.