Pit map/assignment

Does anyone have or know when the pit map/assignment will be posted?

It will be posted here under Site Info.

BTW, the archimedes team list link is failing to show the right page. Pick one of the other three and change the division= at the end to archimedes to show the team list for that division.

A preliminary* map (without exact assignments) seems to be here: http://www.usfirst.org/uploadedFiles/Community/Volunteers/Volunteers/2013_FIRST_Championship_Pit_plan_2_22_0.jpg

*There’s that word again…

Does anyone know if the pit areas are carpeted?

We have those foam floor thingies, but would love to leave them at home if there is carpet.

No, they are not carpeted.

The floor at the America’s Center is concrete. Bring the foam, you will want it.

Too bad they don’t make foam that can be applied on site and discarded.

pit map still not updated. By the time they do, I won’t have a printer to make my hip pocket copy of it. :yikes:

In the past the teams have been in numerical order so it’s easy to find teams…if you know what division to look in. Frcspyder might help that

I’m considering stuffing a printer into my suitcase. Come by 1772’s pit in Galileo, we might be able to print something for you. Non-Color stuff only it’s a Laserjet.

Saw this last night at the Dome. Not the best quality, but you can tell where the divisions are.

Does the map have team numbers assigned?
If so, can you zoom in on the divisions?

it looks like there are team numbers but i cant read any of them

They are in numerical order. I saw the pits yesterday.

but based on the picture how are they counted off, left to right top to bottom?

To clarify: Can someone post a pit map, please?

The picture of the pit map is to big to upload with my phone. I’ll see if i can use my NetBook later

here you go better late than never?

How about pit map for this year? Of course the teams are different, but are they likely to mimic last year’s layout? I mean, we’re not expecting a big name somebody or other to have a concert, are we?