Pit map for Champs?

Anyone know when and where the pit map for champs will be? also when is it announced what field we will be competing at. would be useful to know in advance if we need to walk a half mile each way to get to matches.

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Usually ‘at the last possible moment that they won’t have to reissue the list for new add/drops’ - Since teams will still be registering on Monday, my guess would be Tuesday.


ha makes sense. very FIRST thing to do


Frank said in his interview with @Tyler_Olds yesterday that teams may continue to add as late as Tuesday so divisions will likely not come out till at least the middle of Tuesday, and potentially later if things don’t go according to plan. He also mentioned that they’re still discussing the idea of releasing partial divisions and that info is coming very soon.

I’d say there’s a decent chance of a blog post today or tommorow that clarifies some of their current thinking and planning around this.


Why would they put out information they know will most likely be wrong?


They could, and it sounds like maybe they will, assign and publish partials for those they already know are coming. The info won’t be wrong, just uncompleted.


I’m very much hoping they do this.

Early release of partial divisions would be very helpful for teams pre-scouting.

There are still District Championships in a couple places like Michigan, Indiana, and Ontario, so I’m assuming the day before every team can set their pit up
Best of luck at Worlds!

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