Pit Organization - Toolboxes, Road Case and other portable storage

Our team is looking into setting up our pit in a way that we can quickly pack, go, setup…

We really some of the road case tool box design similar to this…


What is your pit using and do you set your pit in your lab/shop when you are not on the road?

Any pictures would be appreciated. We are revamping our entire pit area and would love to see what are the best design out there.

973 has a huge photo gallery of their super pit.

I love 973’s super pit. However, the pit that works best for you will also depend on how you travel to events.

If you have a large trailer from which you can roll out a super pit, giant rolling toolbox, etc. then of course, have at it.

We travel by cars, SUVs, minivans, and the bottoms of coach buses, so our pit is much more modest in comparison. We use the grey FIRST totes as much as possible to store things in. We also use Stanley parts organizers and their knockoffs from Harbor Freight. We built a plywood rolling holder for the Stanley organizers, which store all our small parts, and have two small black metal toolboxes for the hand tools. We bring only what we need and plan the construction of the robot accordingly (e.g. standardize on fastener sizes so we don’t need to bring every conceivable size of socket and Allen key, only a few key sizes). Larger hand and power tools stay in the grey totes, and we dig them out when (if) needed.

We feel a minimalist approach is best. You don’t need to bring the entire shop with you. Only what you know you’ll need. If something truly unexpected happens, you know there are other teams who can help you, and despite the “bring only what we need” philosophy, you’d be surprised how many times we were able to still respond to a call from Pit Admin. Dean Kamen himself stopped by our pit at Ryerson to thank us for sharing so many of our parts and tools with other teams.

Our current battery charger rack is a take-down steel shelf unit from IKEA (“OMAR” series). We will build something better soon, but this works for now.

Here are a few shots of our pit setup this year:


Definitely not championing this as “best”, but you did ask what our setup was. :slight_smile:

Easiest way to follow this is if you used something on your robot bring if not don’t bring it. This post also brings up the great point that you can always ask other teams for tools or supplies.

We also do not have a trailer so we have switch over to the Dewalt TSTAK product line. We have a stack for all our tools, one for pneumatic components and one for all of our electrical supplies. They have been a great investment.