Pit Organization

Newbie here, am doing pit organization for my team this year.

Just asking, how do you guys organize your pits for competitions? I’m still new and don’t have much experience, and want to do this well.
Any tips/examples/anything really would be great.


Been a few other threads on this topic. Check this one out.

So for 226 we have 2 tables that function as storage units, Tv holders and workspace. We also have a tool chest where we store all our handtools in and a business table where we set up all our chairmans stuff. On the tables, we have the TVs on top and under we carry totes that have all extra pieces for the Robot.

These types of organizers are space and time savers.

Don’t bring everything you have, bring what you need along with extras. Plan for a space to layout and work on components. That being stated, build/buy a cart that can double as a work platform.

Be sure that you have a plan for who will be needed in your pit. Also, have a plan for all the other members of your team, especially following a match. Otherwise there will be a mass influx of unneeded bodies that are just there to ‘be a part of the action’.

Plastic shelving lets you store things nicely. I have yet to have a better solution for anything (save hardware) than 4901’s storage system:

STEP 1: Sort everything into a shoebox-sized plastic container with lid by function. (Pneumatics, motors, belts, etc.)
STEP 2: If the lid won’t close with everything in it, get a second container and split the container by some additional criteria. (CIM motors, 775 motors, throttle motors…)
STEP 3: Label boxes.

Ideally, you’ll find boxes where you can fit six or so in a KoP tote for easy transportation.

Also, like the other thread said, lighting is key.

Thanks for the input, really appreciate it :slight_smile: