Pit Passes

Does anyone know how pit passes will work this year? (specifically at Florida regionals). Will it be the same as last year, where a team can only have 10 people in the entire pit area, or will it be limiting the amount of people inside the actual pit?

At the south Florida regional last week there was no pit passes and as many people as was safe were allowed.

While its not official, I would expect Orlando to return to normal as well with no wrist bands or pit passes this year.

My team just looked through the Orlando team guide, and there is mention of having to get pit passes during setup.

What’s the revision date on that?

South Florida only had 34 teams and tons of floor space. All the times I went to Orlando I never knew there was a limit for team members to be in the pit.

I have confirmed with the Orlando Regional Director that the mention of pit passes in the team guide is inaccurate, and there will be no pit passes / limits required this year.

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