Pit Road Cases

Hey chief delphi community

I am looking for the communities help with the design and best practices for teams that have purchased road cases for their pit. Since it is a large investment, I thought it would be best to ask for teams lessons learned before investing in a pair of our own.

Some of the questions I had are

Overall dimensions?
Expected loaded weight of each cart (to help with trailer/towing specs)?
Companies used to procure the cases?
Cost estimate and delivery time lines (I understand these are case by case but I am curious)
Unique design features of your road cases that worked great?
Design features you would add if you were to do it again?
Items you would change about your road cases that didnt work out well?
How durable have your cases been after X number of years?
What extras have you put on your road cases since you got them?
Overall thoughts and comments.

Thanks in advance for all the help. If you are willing to share invoices that would be appreciated as well.


We unfortunately did not get ours set up to actually attend an event with it in 2020. However, I was part of procuring one in the months leading up to the season so I can answer some of these.

The case we purchased is a semi-standard offering from Anvil cases now. When we ordered ours, it was ~$2k for the case and ~$500 for shipping. If you’re local to them I imagine you could skip that part. Dimensions were ~78" wide by ~50" tall by ~25" deep. I will send you some follow-up DMs with documents.


There’s some decent info in this thread Cool Pit Photos - Competition - Chief Delphi

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Would you mind sending me some of those documents as well? I’m trying to iron out some of the bottlenecks we face seasonally, and setting up our pit seems to be one of the larger ones we face at competitions currently. It looks great, sure, but the time spent setting up the truss, banner, and monitor must take a while. Swapping to a road-case-based super pit seems like our best option for balancing our setup speed and overall effectiveness. Thanks!

Shameless plug here but the company I work for Workplace Modular Systems could potentially be right up your alley. From custom work to standard parts and accessories, we can do it all. 166 has a few items from Workplace in our shop and not only do they do the job well, they’re pretty. We are on the pricey end of the spectrum (everything is 1018 steel $$$) but in my opinion its well worth the price.

Here is a link to our website. DMs are open if you have any questions!


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