Pit Schedule & Results (from FRC41)

Last weekend in New Jersey, I developed a quick web app for the team to display on one of our many laptops (we have two laptops each powering a 24" flat screen in front of our pit). On this display, it shows the time nice and large as well as the time of our next match. I just updated the entire thing to make it extremely easy for anyone to edit the match and result data, just in time for our competition at NY this weekend.

Screenshots: (displays nicest in Safari, untested in IE)

I was just thinking “why not make it available for any team?” so I cleaned up the code and organized it nicely so anyone could follow along…
Download a fully customizable ZIP of the site –> FRC41 Pit Area Display.zip (409 KB).

-Team number can easily be edited from team 41 to any other team
-Search for “41” in the index.html file using Text Edit or Notepad, and change to your team’s number
-Everything else is editable in the browser: click edit to bring up controls, done to hide them

A fully working demo is available online here, but make sure to hide all status and bookmark bars and scale window to hide the green…

And a quick image of our robot, Selene…

Check out our robot at team41robotics.com

FRC41 Pit Area Display.zip (409 KB)

FRC41 Pit Area Display.zip (409 KB)