Pit Setup

My team is planning improvements for our pit setup for the next season and we noticed the pit that 1678 and 1323 have made from 2 road cases. We really liked the workspace, overhead storage, and built-in battery chargers that this style of pit offers. We were wondering where we could purchase similar cases to use as the base for our new pit.

If I recall correctly, 1678’s pit (direct copy of 973’s “Super Pit”](https://www.greybots.com/super-pit.html)) is completely a custom build. Primarily built from extruded aluminum.custom build. Primarily built from extruded aluminum.

Here is one site that might be of use if you choose to design and build your own.


This past year, my team also converted our pit to a road case setup. Our case was custom made, I believe by road cases usa. If it was not them, the case was made by a similar company, but that is the company we use at my work for transporting production stuff.

We love our road case and it totally helps our work daily in the shop as well as at competition!!

While we will admit that our pit boxes are a shameless copy of 973’s super pit, it is no where near as elaborate as theirs. Theirs is made of custom metal framing. Ours is made in the road case style, plywood paneling with tongue and groove edges where it gets clasped together.

This here is the big part. The closer your pit workspace is to your shop workspace, the better you’ll work at the event. (If you’ve got more space than a pit to stay set up in, you lucky dog you, you can still totally spread out–but you’ll still know where everything goes at the end of the night.)

As Marcus said, this helps our workflow. The most crucial part though is that every day, the team pulls the road case out of the closet, we lay down our mats, and set up a pit space to work in. At the end of the day, we pack it all back up. It was annoying to many at first but now it is just natural. Our pit setup time for events is now ~10 minutes compared to literal hours before the road case.

Our team had two large pit crates… and many of our mentors/students are in love with the big pits used by 973 and 1678. They are very cool, but I am eager to streamline. We went down to one large pit crate and a battery tower and I still felt like we had more stuff than any human could need. I was actually looking at some rolling cabinets from Grizzly and I feel like we could get EVERYTHING we need inside of this one cabinet and still mount a vice on top. Probably still need a battery case/tower.


Before we went to districts, the goal of the big cabinets was to basically roll in your pit “assembled.” When it parked during load in, it was already half set up. The pit crates get so heavy that they can get unweildy and can only be transported if we have a trailer or truck. We also found that we carried WAY more gear than we needed. I’m starting to think a streamlined and careful selection of tools and parts could all fit in to one, clean and tidy cabinet. It also opens up working space in the pit and fits better if the venue is struggling to provide 10’ x 10’ pits.

Just offering the counterpoint.