Pit size @ Michigan States?

Has anyone seen any published size of the pits at SVSU ?


If I remember correctly, they were either 8 x 8 or 8 x 10 in the past.

They were 8 ft wide last year.

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Last year they were not one size. Some were 8x8, some were 8x10, and some were 10x10.

if are the lucky one to get the far end pit (away from pit admin) you will have additional 4’ in width.

We’re going to need to keep someone in the pits 24/7 at MSC to defend against incoming Comets…

15 foot pits must be HUGE. I haven’t seen anything above 10x10 in my time in FRC. I suspect the 8x8 pits here must be due to having to cram a massive amount of teams into a single convention center.

Surveillance? Maybe a drone?

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Believe me, I’ve tried. SVSU’s security has really quick response time!

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In the case of FiM States at SVSU, there’s plenty of space in the fieldhouse, the problem is SVSU will not allow pits to be placed on the “turf” area, so the only usable space for pits is the track around the turf (and even then, the floors have to have hard covering on them).

Even so, still a great venue.

This is vaguely eerily familiar


Similar, true. Though in this case they were less concerned about the turf being stepped on, and more concerned about the potential for metal shavings and such from falling into the grass and having people step on them later without shoes on.

They actually do put plywood down over a portion of the turf area to use for the “lounge”, pit admin, and some other things, since these are much less likely to cause such problems.

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