Pit Size

I know the manual states: Space Regulations
Each team is allotted approximately the same amount of workspace, usually about 10’ by 10’
feet; however, the size may vary from event to event. Be sure your equipment will fit in a space
smaller than those dimensions.

Does anyone remember their actual (approximate) pit sizes at the Atlanta Championships for the last couple of years? Was it generally 10’x10’ or larger or smaller?

It is normally 10x10 and taped off or roped off on all sides so each team can find out where they are and what room they have. some venues have smaller pit sizes like Philly I think that it is 9x9 because of the lack of space.

FIRST tries to maintain 10x10 at all venues. As noted, they are sometimes smaller. The pits are almost never larger than 10x10.

To the best of my (increasingly faulty) memory, the Atlanta pits were 10x10.


The pits in Atlanta are 10’x10’

Thanks guys!