Pit Size

Hey I’m from team 1228 and we were wondering what the pit sizes are to do some off season designing and so we don’t make our pits too large. We looked it up on the first website and it said that they are 10x10 on average although it also said that some are smaller…If possible we would like the dimensions of the pits from NJ, Philly, or NYC regionals…Thanks in advance for any help…

To the best of my knowledge, the pit size volume is to be no larger than 10’ x 10’ x 10’. With respect to the height dimension, nothing stored or built should exten above 10 feet. Design the width and depth slightly smaller than 10’, andyou should be OK.

The pits are supposed to be either 10 x 10 x 10 **or **9 x 10 x 10 but when we were at Midwest this past weekend and tried to put up our PVC poles and our new banner, we quickly found out that out space was only 8 1/2’ wide. We had our banner made to 9 feet as that was supposed to be the smaller size, but that didn’t work. We hung it anyway, but be warned that things aren’t always as they are supposed to be.

I believe the TechnoKats pit canopy was constructed to be ten by ten feet. A few years ago it was reduced to more like nine by nine. It barely fit the provided space at the St. Louis regional last weekend.

I seem to remember from somewhere that the minimum pit size is 8’ by 8’ by 10’ high. I’d make any structures so that they fit both minimum and maximum (i.e., make an 8’ by 8’ structure that can be expanded to 10’ by 10’, or vice versa).

St. Louis was 9 x 10 x 10. We hung over a bit but our gracious neighbors let us.


Pit sizes vary between venues. I think NJ’s was 10x10x10. Try contacting BandChick she might have the exact size for NJ.

And your team had a truly great pit. The best example of 5S that I have seen at a FIRST event.

This year we reduced pit width (side-to-side) from 10ft. to 9ft. We did it so we could reduce the number of aisles four to three and increase aisle width from 10ft. to 13ft. The goal was to keep traffic congestion to a minimum, and still have space for a practice carpet. A few teams with pre-built 10ft. wide pit structures had to adjust, or borrow space from neighbors.

I think the T-Kats made a good decision to reduce their pit structure size so it fits (barely) in a 9ft. wide space. Pit space at some venues is even tighter than ours in St. Louis.

I was one of the 3 people to go into the pits early, our pit was designed for 10x10x10 as stated by the rules, we started setting up and realized it was a little small, :eek: 8x9:eek:, we had to leave off a desk and move some banners around to make the size constraints

I really loved CORE’s pit: clean, simple, same, and very nice looking

Our pit at St. Louis was less than 9’ wide. I’m glad we made our space flexible this year.

NJ is usually 10x10, and if you’re lucky enough to be in the outer ring (You won’t be though, if 1228 is your number), or on the end of one of the rows, you usually wind up with some extra space.

Keep in mind that teams are not allowed to exceed their pit space

Indeed, but at NJ the outer ring has these little ‘wedges’ of extra space between most of them, and all that “shelf” space in the folded-in bleachers on the back wall - a small advantage, but not enough to make a difference in competition (just some creature comforts).


The pits at NYC certainly don’t feel 10x10x10. The pit area is so open and airy that they feel clsoe to 15x15x15. The aisles are also very wide, so traffic can flow without much interuption.

We were told Philly is 9x9x10, all other places we have been were 10x10x10 when we were there (FLR, Boston, Toronto, Atlanta, Buckeye). If you have a structure, check with the regionals you are attending to see what size the pits are, we didnt think about it and now have to modify our structure to be smaller.

We did measurements at Buckeye. It’s 10x10x10 there, and if you were in the lucky end-row, you got wallspace up near the bleachers, which I believe Delphi E.L.I.T.E. used for a very nice info display. I’m sure each regional have a row or spots that are a bit “special” than others.

Thanks for the compliment Richard.
The students worked really hard in organizing and planning the layout of the pit you saw. One young gentleman that took the role of safety captain very serious. I truly believe that the students now know more about the 5’S than I do because of his leadership and motivation.

I have to admit that I was a little nervous about our pit size when we got there. I guess I missed the memo or it’s a part of being a sophomore team. I (we) thought that all venues would allow 10x10’.

Luckily it will be an easy modification to size down. Wish I could say the same about my bust line. :smiley:

Next year I hope that I have an opportunity to sit and chat with mentors like yourself more.

While a pit smaller than the 10x10x10 can be a little cramped sometimes, St. Louis has had a few issues with pit traffic in the past… well, maybe more than a few. :smiley: So opening up those aisles was definitely a great improvement over past years.

We had a pre-built pit entrance that was 10’ wide, but luckily, we had an end pit. Turning our entrance towards the pit admin table solved some problems, and created new ones… I don’t think the judges were too happy with our over-zealous team members crowding around and spilling into the aisle a bit too often. :3

Going to the OKC regional will be a big change - I hear they have enough room in the Ford Arena for 10x15x10 pits…

In the USFIRST website under regional competitions, each regional has documentation for the particular regional (site info). not all, but most list the pit size!

I don’t have the exact size for this year. But last year we were PERFECTLY 10x10x10 in the hockey arena. The outside ring (veterans’ row) was a little smaller both in height and width, but not much. If anything they were 9x10x9.

Philly is always smaller, and height can be an issue there too.

I suggest modeling for 9x9x9, just so you have buffer room if you need it. =)