Pit Strategy

Hi guys,
My team is driving their robot with two drivers, but is having a bit of a hard time staying synchronized. I’d like to start practicing a kind of verbal command and use a third person, like the coach to kind of guide them and keep an eye on human players for gestural signs like back up or stop moving. I’m thinking that simplifying communication and getting a command to both drivers at the same time would help them avoid making mistakes on the field.

What are your guys’ thoughts on this? Do you have an pit strategy ideas of yourself? I’d love to hear them! Do you think that using simplified communication is necessary for this improvement, or would it be easier or simpler to just use a third person to coordinate?

For our driver + operator, we do a good deal of driver practice to get them in sync and recognize what to do with certain key words–however, we still use a third person as a coach, since it makes it much easier to A) communicate with other teams without setting our eyes away from the field and B) to notice things we don’t see. It really helps when the coach tells us the big picture, makes it a lot easier to avoid making terrible mistakes.

Hey thanks man! This helps a lat. :slight_smile: