Pit table and storage box cabinets

We use the Harbor Freight multi-bin storage box extensively for storing nuts, bolts, bearings, etc. It never seem to fail that the box you needed was always on the bottom of a stack of 5. While we really liked the road case pit solutions teams are using, we aren’t ready to invest in the time or money to create those just yet.
So our team came up with a mobile filing cabinet system with a removable table top. The table top is fastened with road case style butterfly clasps.
Our design utilizes a plasma cut sheet metal framework, which was bent to shape. We were able to cut and form these inhouse. While we did get pretty elaborate with the plasma cutting, the basic shape should be doable by most teams with a metal brake.IMG_20221128_181826152 IMG_20221128_181848624 IMG_20221128_181918692 IMG_20221128_182138429 IMG_20221128_182018265IMG_20221128_182004882


That is rlly cool!

This is so sick, would you happen to have CAD files for those metal frames?

I’ll check with the team and see who has them. We should have them still.

Absolutely LOVE this.

My team has been interested in making a new organizational system where every individual part has an explicit home. All of the pit write-ups that have come out have been awesome ideas but unrealistic at the moment for us as well. Something like this seems super palatable but essentially has the same result. Which is sick.

My only question would be a cost estimate (if you have one/are willing to share)?

We plasma cut a piece of .060" Alum and bent the components on a brake. Sheet was probably $180. Plywood for top and bottom 3/4" $50. Latches $15. Casters $55. Door for the table :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: $50

I’m actually trying checking on making it as a precut and bent kit.( w/o wood). Costs would probably be about $250/single unit. Not sure if there is a market. I know a lot of people make one out of all plywood.


This is super cool! Weird question, but do you have an estimate for the weight of an empty cabinet? Wondering if this could be adapted into an airline checkable pit system.

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Approx 9.5Kg (21lb) with the wood top and bottom. Wood top & bottom 4Kg (9lbs). Table top door not included in weight.


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