I’m a brand new member of the robotics team and I am in charge of the pit…what do I do???:yikes:

Pit space is max of 10’ by 10’ by 10’ high. Plan for slightly smaller (8’ by 8’ by 10’ high is about as small as they’ll go). Now, you need to fit everything your team brings into that volume, with enough room for the provided table, a robot, and work space around the robot and cart. You may choose to incorporate the crate into the pit; if not, plan for how it is going to get out of the pit to where the crate storage people can pick it up.

Plan out placement of the things you will need at the competition. Plan out any shelves you will be using, and make sure that you leave room for the tools that you will need. You want to make sure that the tools are organized and easily found, and make sure that you leave plenty of working room for the robot and the cart. You will be given a folding table at the competition, and you can make that work if you store things underneath it, but it will be very annoying.

Well First off congratulations for being trusted with this responsibility your first year!
So you know the size of the pit, you can plan acordingly. What I normally do is sketch out what the floor plan will be, including the table, our tool chest, and shelves and other stuff. I’d HIGHLY recomend having portable shelving units, for they give plenty of storage space in a small footprint. I’d also recomend having part of your table dedicate for your O/I and any laptops, so debugging and testing is easy. Wherever you put your robot, make sure you have ample room on all sides to work on it. I’d suggest having the robot positioned so its easy to wheel it in and out going to and from matches.

Also, Organizing a Pit is not limited to space. It can also apply to people. There is nothing worse than having 90 people from your team just hanging out, and there being no room for the people working on the bot. I recomend having certain people assigned to the “Pit crew,” and having everyone else stay out of the pits if not needed. The stands are where congregating should happen.

Good luck!

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