Pitching FTC to a school district

I want to talk to a nearby school district about starting an FTC team. What would be the best way to pitch it to them? If it makes a difference, it is not the school district I am a part of.

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Are you a mentor or student, are you employed by said school district or know anyone who is? Who will manage the team, are they background checked by the school district? Are you expecting the district to fund the program? Who will mentor the team, how do you plan to source funding?

These are some questions our school district proposed to me when trying to start a new FRC team.

Think about how the team will look 3-5 years from now…

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I’m in no way an expert, but I’ve often heard that the fact that FTC is definitely less expensive in comparison to FRC is very attractive to school districts.

I am the captain of a local community team in the next county over. My idea is to pitch to the school to fund and mentor it, but my team is willing to provide support for them if it gets a green light.