Pitscouting all Divisions

Just like last year I have assembled a Pit Scouting Doc for every division

Archimedes Person in charge: jblay assisted by Grim Tuesday
Curie Person in charge:
Galileo Person in charge: BigJ
Newton Person in charge: MARS_James

Input the data that you know. If you have any suggested to changes to the format, please don’t change them, please suggest them.

This is a collaboration so please help everyone out, hopefully this will be able to make Thursday a little easier on everyone.

If someone could input the teams and team names I would appreciate it, because with the first site being wonky I’m struggling with it.

Done. Also added a few missing teams.

Whoever saved the Galileo spreadsheet from unordered oblivion, I salute you

You’re welcome :cool:

If I start filling out the spreadsheet will others get to see it? I can fill out my team’s on here but if no one can see it then there isn’t a point on filling out what I already know :stuck_out_tongue:

These spreadsheets are public. Anyone can view or edit.

Everyone will be able to see it, tis the magic of google.

I’ve filled in the Max OPR data for Archimedes, can someone do the others? Would anyone like to become in charge of any of the other divisions? I’m mostly going to focus on Archimedes.

Someone put the Stuypulse example row down into the ordered Galileo teams :rolleyes:

That’s why I need someone to be in charge of every sheet…

I’ll babysit Galileo!

If you need any help babysitting Archimedes, I can help.

Why Max OPR instead of Overall OPR?

I would assume because robots tend to get better as the season goes on, we are using Max OPR because it should reflect what their robot will be like at St. Louis.


It can also show weaker events

I will babysit Newton since I put the OPR’s down already

Looking into it a little more, I think that the World OPR would be a better stat because it should take into account weak/strong events.
Also, if we use it for everyone, it should be just as indicative (if not more so) of a team’s best performance.

I (along with maybe some other help from MOE) will be taking the rest of the Archimedes pictures as soon as I get there unless someone else wants to split them up with me. Just let me know. I will be posting them in a google drive folder like I did for Chesapeake unless soneone has a better storage option.

See everyone there :slight_smile:

Can a Height column be added to each?