Pixel allignment jig

During FTC Kickoff this year I noticed that for field setup it might be hard to get the pixel stacks perfectly straight while also making sure that they are centered on the tape on the floor. Since I was going to be volunteering at events and know how minor differences can affect auto routines I decided to whip up a simple alignment jig to use to ensure that the stacks are always the same. with this jig, you can stack 5 pixels and push it against the wall while still being able to look through the center to line the stack up. it also ensures that if used there will not accidentally be a 6th pixel stacked there leading to an accidental advantage/disadvantage to one alliance or the other. I know it’s a minor problem but thought it might help so thought I would post a link to the Thingiverse page in case anyone might want one of their own.

Pixel Jig

Good luck to all the teams this season and may you only ever have to measure once and cut twice once during your build :slight_smile:

Just remember that where there is a will there is a way, and this Will believes that you can find it!
------Will The Beast Brown (FRC alum, CSA , and whatever the purple haired ref needs me to be volunteer :slight_smile: )

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