Pixy cam

Did anyone use the pixy cam and connect to the SPI port on roborio?

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our team has done it before, probably not going to do it this year. Is there any question that you are trying to ask?

So I have everything wired and hooked up to make the camera turn on, now I dont know what to do from here code wise. I can show you how I hook up the camera if you want

I believe that there is a github repository our team has made, but school internet is not going to let me check it out. Try going on github and search Robodox-599 and see if there is a repository called pixy. I can answer back around 2:30 pm when I am in robotics and actually have access to github.


Here’s the link you were talking about.

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Thanks :+1:

By the way, that code is a little long ago so if they changed documentation it is not going to work. Either way it should show the general path to take. I can’t see it being too different though.

So Im currently not seeing any code. Not sure if that was the right link or not. Also Im using Java, and Im really new to this

I really can’t help without going to github and seeing what’s up. There should be another repository… if you want to wait about 30 min(its lunch time), I can get back to you. Unless some other person can help. But I’m sure we had a github with example code.

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I can wait. No need to rush

oh, I see what you are talking about. I totally forgot that we never finished the java code. My bad. So it will be more work for you but we do have all the comments made on the “read.me” and some on the c++ example as well. Also java and c++ are not completely different so it shouldn’t be that hard to translate it. There are c++ to java converters that could help you, although I would not rely on it. I definitely thought that we had the java code done;; You know, if you get your java code working, I will put your code on github and we can finally have both java and c++ example on there.

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I’ll see what I can do in terms of translating from c++ to java.

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I am Currently working on the code now. I can send it to you when its up

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