Pixy Camera and FRC Vision Processing

Hey guys,
I recently bought a Pixy Camera (see more information here) for use with another project that our team is working on, then I had a thought? Could you use this for image processing in FRC? Maybe to identify boulders on the field or the high goal? Is this legal / viable / useful in your opinion?


Tracking of the goals might be possible with the pics if you’re using something like the green led ring around it. However tracking of the boulders I don’t think would work. Pixy is meant to track coloured objects and and not grey/black (like the boulders).

Technically, you can use any sensor that fits the budget constraints and is powered correctly. The pixy seems highly tuned to a certain sensor task, so if you can get the field elements to look like what it does well, it may be a good choice. But beware of cute square pegs when your robot has round holes.

Greg McKaskle