Pixy for gear delivery.

Hello, this is Noah, and I just got the pixy to send me data on the x, y, width, and height of the object it is detecting. The problem I am finding now is that I don’t know how to make an autonomous to deliver the gear. The problem is that there are two strip of reflective tape and idk how the pixy will react to two separate detection. Does anyone know how to make it so my robot will line up with the gear post?

Try it and see. The reflective tape setup is very easy to replicate.

One way to do it would be to detect the two boxes, and find the center of the region that bounds both. That should be where the lift peg is.

Yes! This is our plan as well. You can configure the Pixy with how many targets to report using the PixyMon program. It will report them in order of size… largest first.

Yup my team does this, line up on the average center to line up on the peg, correct based on (distanceOff/maxDistancefromCenter)^1/2

What benefit do you get out of the square root?