Pixy Sync Failure

We are using a Pixy I2C to track the vision targets on the cargo ship, rocket and feeder station. We get an occasional Pixy Sync Failure. However sometimes, the pixy stops working and continues to send pixy sync failures every loop. We usually just power cycle the robot and the pixy begins to work again. Has anyone faced a similar issue?

More details please? Is the pixy2 connected to roboRIO or thru something like arduino? Do you have log output you can add? Link to your source code?

Not sure if this will help you at all but we were getting some bad responses from our pixy2 camera. It never required a reboot to recover. There was one bad response in maybe 10 requests sent? Solved the problem by decreasing how often sent packets to the pixy2 camera. Our pixy2 is hooked directly up to roboRIO via i2c and we are using java.

We are using C++. When testing again, it seemed to be sending a sync failure less often. We connect Pixy 1 through i2c directly to the roboRIO. We run our code at 20ms cycles. How often are you sending packets?

Sorry, I assumed you were using pixy2 and just didn’t type out full/exact name. The original pixy camera did not require you to send packets to it to get data back. It just constantly sends data about what it sees. If the code is sending data to pixy maybe that is causing problems? If you post a link to your code or attach it here it will be easier to help.

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