Pixy2 usb

Hi! Since it’s impossible for newer teams to get a limelight, we are trying to figure out how to do vision tracking with the pixy2. But we’d like to do this with USB rather than jumping through all the hoops building all the other connectors.

I’ve found a few teams’ code (in git) for using pixy2 with USB, but before I jump into those, I wanted to check and see if there were anything new out there yet. Is there some sort of official FRC java library download for this? Or has anyone put out any well tested java-pixy2-use code yet?


Just as an FYI, Brandon (creator of Limelight) recently posted here that it will be abundantly available during build season, and the reason it is not currently available is because he is “reluctant to re-stock in the off-season when an upgrade is possibly around the corner”.

We’ve been playing around with Pixy2 through SPI and the Pixy2API by pseudoresonance. The instructions are pretty straightforward and it works really well.

We tried using it over USB this season. I can say from that experience that SPI is probably a better option. There’s more examples out there and there are a lot of issues you can run into with USB if you don’t implement it right.

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