Placement of Nasa Logo on shirt?

I know that teams who got sponsered by NASA need to have a nasa logo/patch on the team t-shirts. Does anyone know where the patch goes and how big it has to be?

I don’t think there’s any set regulations on this. Put in on the back with your other sponsors.

I thought we had to put it on the right shoulder sleeve or something like that?

yeah we put the NASA meatball on the left shoulder…

I saw that 2590 had the NASA patch on their left sleeve. As for size, it looked like the standard official patch that you’d see on a shuttle uniform.

On the left side of the chest, close to the heart - exactly where NASA should be (or any sponsor for that matter) That’s the way that our team has done it for years and there hasn’t been any complaints.

I’m not aware of any guidelines or rules regarding placement of the logo. Ours, like 233’s, is on the left breast. In past shirts it has been centered, on the back, etc.

I’m not either, but back when we were a NASA grant team, we had the logo on our sleeve. I seem to remember that it cost more to do it that way, but the reason we did was because somebody said we had to. I don’t have any paperwork on-hand to back this up, but at the very least, it seems to be a strangely pervasive rumor.

Do some searching around the NASA site at: and you will get your answer. They were particular about how the NASA logo looks as they should be.

Team 2468 qualified for a Program Growth Grant. Below is information from Catherine Bowman from NASA concerning logos. It is not required on your t-shirt but required on your robot and in your team name on TIMS.

*5. It is a FIRST requirement to include sponsor logos on the robots. For your use when satisfying this requirement, an electronic copy of the NASA logo artwork is attached. The logo is attached as a .pdf file, which should make it fairly easy to enlarge as needed. Usage guidelines for the logo
artwork are available on-line at along with additional versions of the logo artwork.

  1. Teams are encouraged to include the NASA logo on team t-shirts. Proper
    placement of the logo is either above the left breast pocket (or in a
    similar location if the shirt does not have pockets), or on the left sleeve
    of the shirt located at mid-bicep. In either case, the team name should appear immediately below the logo.

  2. It is a FIRST requirement to include the names of all sponsors in the
    official team name recorded in TIMS. As a recipient of a NASA grant, NASA
    becomes one of the sponsors of your team and is to be included in the
    official team name. FIRST will update your TIMS information automatically
    to include this addition - you don’t have to do anything further.*

Hope this helps.

Unless I missed the part you’re referring to in there, that link is rather unhelpful for FRC purposes. Nobody will be using the NASA logo, or center/project logos.

I was just copying and pasting the information about the logo placement from an email I received from Catherine Bowman at NASA. I copied the portion of the email referencing the logo placement on the shirt and robot.

I think Cory was referring to the link that Sunshine included in his post, I don’t think he was referring to yours.

I never knew the logo was referred to as the NASA meatball. That’s awesome.