Placement of Robot

Has anyone heard when we get to know which drivers position we will be on which determines the position the robot starts on. This is important to know because it will determine if you make a left or right turn during the 15 sec. autonomous period. I hope it is listed on the match sheet, so that we all have enough time to change our robots (program, arms, etc), and not on the way up to the drivers station like in the past.

update 5 has this info in it, during qp’s you have to start on your corrusponding side, so if your dead reckoning you need one program for each side, or just one if your using optical. during the elims, you can start in either spot

I know they will tell us where we will start. The question is… WHEN do they let us know? Do we get enough time to change the robot (i.e., program, arms, etc.) if we need to?

oh, i see what you mean. what we plan to do is have a small panel on the bot next to the robot controller, with switches to select which program we want so we can turn on the bot and switch it on feild before the match starts.