Placement of Turret

All - I and a number of our mentors have been through the manuals on the game and the field drawings. We have all failed to determine the exact placement of the turret on the field.

I am looking for the distance from the side wall to the mid-point of the turret. Is it the half point of the 27’ width? The drawings are not clear.


Turret? please rephrase your question.

I think OP means airship, but I can’t be 100% certain.

And yes, the airship, IIRC is in the middle of the field width-wise.

Yes - the airship. Is the midpoint of the airship at 13.5’ from the side wall?

On page 4 of the Field Assembly Manual, there is a horizontal line that implies it is a center line of the field. The center of the Airships go through that line. In measuring the diagram, that seems to be the correct interpretation.

However, no dimensions are given, and drawings are approximate.

Ok. Glad it is not only me. We believe it may be important for autonomous for placement of the gear. We wanted to do our testing as close as possible to the actual field conditions.

The airship base frame is a hexagon whose smallest diameter is 70.59". [1, pg. 6]

The Airship base divider is 120º away from the airship’s base frame, and is 24" long. [1, pg. 66]

The end of the airship divider** appears** to terminate at the baseline, whose location is defined as 93.25 inches away from the alliance wall diamond plate.[2, pg. 2]

some trig later, ** the airship center point is 12’ 5" from the alliance wall diamond plate, and 13’ 6" from the side railing**

I couldn’t find exact measurements for the placement of the Launchpad line, which would make all the above computations unnecessary (which would be preferred). If someone finds a measurement for that, that’d be pretty sweet.


Thank you Jonny!