Planetary for tester back on track

found a miscalculation too. IDK why i divided by the toothcount of ring instead of the planet to get the offset. Probably in my chickenscratch an R looked like a P .Well it moves nicely now and went together nicely

Planetary part output side

Input side

With bolt guard (to avoid something getting caught or bolts that function as axle coming loose) the bearings that run inside the mounts and take some deflection and torque of the planets and the R1 mount mountd with the mounts for the frame

With the double HTD-5 pulley on the output ring

Withg the 3rd HTD pulley and the gear that will drive the rack and pinion assy mounted the 3rd pulley and the gear is also tied into the main shaft/axle and is to unload some of the forces off of the ring gear.

Anyway anything moves and spins freely I had a drill powering it for a couple of minutes but could not take a video as I only have 2 hands (one for the drill and one to hold the assy)

Well I feel better that its back on track. Only slight complaint I have is I should have either upped the extrusion rate by about 5 percent or decreased the backlash from .1mm to .05 mm on all the gears as for my taste there is the slightest hint of backlash. But we might fix that when we start pulling teeth as its still my intention to test it till breaking and then upgrade at least some of it to Nylon.

All prints currently in HIPS (Just ordered another 30 kg IOW about $200 worth from tonerplastics) on a Chiron with a volcano and a .8 nozzle


Today at the mentor meeting at the local coffee shop we took a little video of the compound planetary for the material tester



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