Planetary gearbox on mini CIM without cutting shaft


How do I put versa planetary gearbox on a mini CIM motor without cutting the motor shaft?


You’ll have to make your own adapter. The current CIM motor mount for the VersaPlanetary requires you to cut the shaft. If you have access to 3D printing, this should be a pretty easy part to make.


+1 to 3d-printing a spacer to go between the CIM-motor adapter for the versaplantary gearbox and the CIM motor itself.


We have done it for off-season projects using regular CIM adapter plus the regular input VP slice (roughly .5 inches) plus a VP motor mount for a 9015 (or other, about 1/8 inch) as a shim and then gets the right stack distance.


I made one for a v1 versaplanetary a few years ago and posted pictures of it. I had to pass the shaft through the sun gear to get the key and keyway work out.


In addition to Vex’s CIM adapter:

I found three different parts on AM a few months ago which can be used for CIM shims; two are specifically designed for this, the other I just happened to notice had a 2" bolt circle.


Hi, Even with a 3D printed part, don’t I have to cut the shaft up to the keyway to install the input coupler with the key onto the shaft? Or, am I missing something?


You aren’t missing a thing!
At the end of the day the shaft adapter and motor shaft keyways require the shaft to be cut down.