Planning ahead (or lack thereof)

Normally I might not post something like this, but I just can’t resist.

These contractors are installing steel pillars, in concrete, to stop vehicles from parking on the pavement outside a sports bar. They are now in the process of cleaning up at the end of the day and anxious to go home. How long do you think it will be before they realize where their vehicle is parked?

…and once again, we learn the importance of planning ahead.



Wow… that’s freakin’ crazy-stupid. Thanks for the laugh Dave, I needed one.

  • Matt

lol, you know someone watched this in the making and quietly got a thrill as the last one went in. I’ve done things like this many times. Sometimes I look so sure, that when someone notices the problem, they aren’t sure themselves. If I’m really going at it, and they point it out, I might not catch it right away, but then as reality sets in I might keep moving and make an excuse until plan “A” seemed like a reasonable route to plan “B”.

In this case I might say something like “Now we can get a NEW Van, and we didn’t even mess up this one” or “I’ve always wondered if these bollards worked from this direction”.

That’s a pretty extreme way to paint yourself into a corner. I sure hope the concrete hadn’t set too much yet.

Thanks, Dave. I needed that.

actually, it would be a tight squeeze but they might be able to squeeze through the bottom two posts… lol.

It is quite funny, indeed. I want to see the photo 5 minutes later, when they just realize it…

Where I work, however, allowing another team (or person) to “fail” like this is not professional. Thankfully we have a very open culture where criticism from outside the team is welcomed and valued. My colleagues have saved my butt more times than I care to count, as I have their: There is value in diversity.


That gave me quite a laugh…and after this past week of build…I needed it…thanks Dave

Ah, just makes me wonder what unexpected suprises are waiting for us once we’re done with our robot… but realy, thanks for the laugh

That would be me… And then walking up to them and making a smart aleck remark

Not exactly a hoax, but the story given about the picture isn’t completely accurate. See:

Ah, well, it was fun while it lasted.