Planning to learn Java


I am planning to learn Java programming with netbeans. Any tips or tutorials from which I can start?

Java is a great language I hope you are successful in learning it. Here are some resources and do not be afraid to message me with questions.

Java Beginner:

Oracle Java Tutorials:

TheNewBoston Video Tutorials:

Introduction to Programming Using Java, Sixth Edition:

Java video tutorials from another FIRST robotics person

Java for Dummies
Head First Java

I agree. Java for Dummies is a great book. It is the book I learned from. Just make sure to get the newest edition, because there’s lots out there.

Glad to have you onboard, i suggest you dont use the command base as its limited.

I’m curious, why do you think the command based robot is limited?

I recommend using the new command pattern, since it should reduce the complexity of the resulting robot code.