Plans for autonomous mode?

What is your team planning on doing during the autonomous mode? What do you believe will be some common routes that will be run during autonomous?

Team 5549’s plan for autonomous is currently to move ourselves off of the initiation line and use the vision targets on the outer power port to shoot our pre-loaded power cells into it. I think that at least for teams that can do vision, this will be a pretty common autonomous mode game plan.

Depending on where we are on the line, we might try to shoot the balls first before moving out of the line. We also plan on going to our trench to grab more balls, most likely 3, to shoot them during auto. Even if we aren’t able to shoot them in time, we will already have some balls loaded in our robot when teleop starts.


You could also use the new Trajectory program(the new and improved Pathfinder) to possibly pick up balls along both sides the rendezvous point. My team and I calculated the perfect score for one robot to be 53 points during autonomous.


Can you please elaborate/show math? Just wondering how a team would go about doing this.

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5 pts for initiation line, and 6 pts per inner goal shot, assuming 8 ball (3 pre-loaded + 5 pickup) auto.


In theory, there are more than 5 balls pre-positioned in known locations on the field. But it is probably not reasonable to be able to make more than one collection / shoot cycle in 15 seconds.

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Yep, that’s a very reasonable statement. I don’t expect to see an 8 ball auto, let alone one that will shoot all 8 balls into the inner goal, until CMPs.

My team plans on shooting our hopper full of balls, going to the rendezvous point, picking up, shooting into low goal depending on what the other teams on the alliance can do, start heading towards the control panel and pick up there. However, with the time I don’t think we can do all of this.

Plan: Back up off the initiation line and sink three balls.
Stretch plan: Collect five more balls out of the trench and sink some/all of those, too.

I think it’s quite likely we’ll pull off the first, significantly less likely we’ll pull off the second.

Challenge accepted. :wink:


In Pathfinder are you able to implement camera usage? As in add it into the programming trajectory?

I’m holding you to this statement @hamac2003


I plan on trying to implement it, I believe that if you have your auto command to center the target shoot, run it sequentially with the pathfinder you can do it just fine. Refer to this.

@djp0915 Let me know how PathWeaver goes for you. We’re still struggling to get it to work. We have WPILib Trajectories working, just can’t get the bot to drive a trajectory from PathWeaver.

I started a thread on it, but haven’t gotten any comments yet. 2020 PathWeaver challenges

(Minimum) -> move off the line
(Achievable) -> move off the line and shoot 3 balls into outer port
(Potentially) -> shoot 3 balls into outer port, move off the initiation line and pick up 5 balls

We have pretty good programmers this year so I expect we’ll have a pretty solid auto.

Have you successfully implemented encoders? Start with that, I’ll let you know how pathweaver goes for us! Our first time as well, I fact this is my teams first time using command based!

I’m looking forwards to the spin in circle auto routines. Those are my favorites.


I would like to challenge the programmers on our team.

Shoot 3, move off line
Move off line, shoot 3
Shoot 3, move and pick up 2, shoot 2
Shoot 3, move and pick up 3, shoot 3
Shoot 3, move and pickup 5, shoot 5
Shoot 3, move and pickup 3, shoot 3, move and pickup 2,or 3, shoot 2 or 3
Move and pickup 2, shoot 5, move and pickup 5, shoot 5
Shoot 3, move and pickup 5, shoot 5, move and pickup 3, shoot 3
Shoot 3, move and pickup 5, shoot 5, move and pickup 5, shoot 5.
That should cover most of them.

I’d further challenge them to shoot while moving just to see if it can be done.

I don’t know which of these can actually be done but I’d like to see them try before they tell me “no”.

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List looks familiar. We added “push alliance member who has no auto off initiation line”


I would like to point out how valuable this is at an absurdly low cost in terms of time. You can start your robot such that the edge of the bumpers are halfway over the tape, and place the other robot such that they are directly against your bumpers, and therefore also over the same segment of tape. By merely pushing them forward an inch*, your alliance gains those additional 5 points “free” of charge.

*you probably want to push more than that to be safe but the underlying point is the same