Plans for hanging

I know we had a thread similar to this at the beginning of the season, but I figured now that teams are deciding on final designs, I’d ask this question…what is your team planning to do with the pyramid?

30 for us.

10 unless our hanging team develops a 30 point hanger in time.

30 points here.

30 points or bust.

Quite literally.

30 points here, our team quickly realized that a climbing mechanism capable of ascending the 3 levels in sequential order is quite complex and leaves no room for a shooter. We are however adding a dumper if space allows

I guess the eventual plan is to go for 30 points, but we’ve yet to design something concrete towards that. I think that’s going to go over in the iteration stage. Right now there is a concrete design and fabrication of a 10 pointer, and plans for a 20 pointer perhaps by our week 1 event. We’ll see what goes on.

We’re trying to build our robot very space consciously, and then we will worry about the climber.

30 points

We plan for a easy 10. It seems to be more logical considering the game. If you have a good shooter, you could bank almost 30 pts or more while someone is hanging on the 3rd bar.

We tested our 30 pointer yesterday, worked incredibly! We also have a shooter that can shoot in any goal consistently. For once, we can do everything all around quite well it seems! Though it isn’t all completed quite yet, it all works flawlessly completed.

So if this poll is an accurate representation of what teams are going to do this season, about 3-4 teams will attempt a 30 point hang this season per match. If that many teams could do it successfully every match this year I will eat my robot.

I’ll go a step further and eat my entire alliance :yikes:

I think we’ll see on average 1 successful climber per match, but probably 3 failed 30 point climbs. A lot of teams may inadvertently become 20 point climbers.

Our priority is the 10. We will make sure we at least have a 10 for competition. We currently have plans for an effective 30 point but we are still working on final design and finding space on out robot. If we can make it work then we will probably have a 30 for out second regional.

I think we have a design that works for 30 point climbing (we know our prototype can climb and transition between rungs, it would just be a question of CG placement), but we decided at the end of week 2 that our shooter would be the priority. The mounting for it coupled with some part lead times for that design mean we’re falling back on a 10 point climb now.

I still think this poll is too high with an even split based on the difficulty of the 30 point climb. My guess is more teams will run into the same issues or that some of the climbers won’t work quite as well as hoped. Time will tell.

We designed a 30 point climber, just don’t know how fast it is but it works.

I am absolutely astounded at the number of teams who claim they can 30 point climb.

Don’t be. The difference between what teams think they can do and what they can actually do has always been quite large.

True, but in most of these challenges it’s an analog thing. Can you shoot? Well maybe you make 10% of the shots you take. Then you’d be classified as a robot that can’t shoot. If you’re a shooter that makes 90% of your shots that’s excellent.

For a third level climb, either you make it or you don’t. If you climb 90% of the time but fail 10% of the time you’re still just as broken when you fall from six feet. I wouldn’t risk my robot if I didn’t have 99.999% safety.

Either we’re going to see lots of climbing or there will be lots of robots who can’t do anything this year.

I am willing to bet that the ratio of unintentional 20-point climbs to intentional 20-point climbs will be quite high. Ditto for the unintentional to intentional 10s. We won’t talk about the other unintentional–the zero-point non-belayed one–other than to say, ouch.

And yes, I’ve noticed that optimism is always contagious, at least until Thursday at the regional and possibly even Saturday at the regional. Then reality sets in, often sometime around lunch.