Planting a team

We are interested in planting team in nearby districts and we would like to hear some advice on how to do this. What to do. What not do. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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By planting to you mean working with another district so they start a rookie team that you would then mentor?

So in districts do you mean school districts?

I would suggest talking to you regions senior mentor. They will know sources for sponsors & what schools have an active interest in starting a team.

Bonner’s Ferry is showing up as Northern Idaho. Assuming this is correct you do not have a FIRST Senior Mentor in Idaho. Your Regional Director is Richard Anderson and he can be reached at

I suggest contacted him about starting up new teams, as he may already know of some districts that are looking into FRC.

The following is for fun, see others previous posts for real suggestions :slight_smile:

To achieve best results, use the following process for planting a new team:

  • Obtain your seeds prior to March, and liberally soak them with robotics talk.
  • Planting should occur in March-early April, depending on your area. It’s best to plant them within view of many active plants, preferably in a competition setting.
  • Nurture the young plant throughout the summer through the application of “Mentor” brand fertilizer
  • Help the young plant to flower by taking it to local fall gatherings to interact with established plants
  • Take care to provide continuing support as the fruit grows through January and February
  • Harvest the new plant for the first time in March or early April, preferably in a competition setting so the new fruit can win an Award!

If you are interested in planting teams, you may want to talk to 341, Miss Daisy :stuck_out_tongue:

By districts we mean school districts. A nearby town known as Sandpoint seems interested but we do not know how to go about planting a team there. Such as what approach to take and what not.

My advice stands. Something else you could do is have those interested in the other district arrange for demo night at the school with students/parents/ school administration and teachers. Then take your robot over and demonstrate and talk about the program. We did this as a school assembly at a near by school during the day and the next year the school administration help get the team started. They are in their 4th year and every year the school board pays for their initial registration fee.