As a fundraiser, our team is going to sell plaques to local businesses for them to display in their public area. It will have a photo of our team and it will say “We Proudly Support The 2003 Clark Magnet Robotics Team.”

My question is, if you were the local business, what amount of money would you donate in order to receive something like this? Or in other words, how much should we “charge” for these plaques?

I’m also curious on the amount you would charge/pay for a business size rectangle of ad/logo space on the back of our team shirts.

A few miles north of glendale in the lovely town of Santa Clarita, we just give plaques and t-shirt space to people who have already given us money…but we usually get a few big sponsors than many little ones. Since we don’t ask for a certain amount from these large companies we approach; the sky’s the limit but I know it works both ways and they coulda given us not much. Fortunately they’ve been super generous.

I guess it depends on how much you want to raise, how large the companies are that you’re planning on approaching, how many companies you’re willing to go to, how good your team is selling, etc.

Ah yes Santa Clarita. Not too far away. Anyway, our team has $3000 and is looking to raise a total of $8500 more absolute minimum. The only sposors we have are the help of a local machine shop and Glendale Community College’s shop facilities.
We may have OSH and Do-It center donating about $100 in gift certificates each. We have approximately 20 members on our team.

/me wants to compete in 2 regionals.

Have you tried larger, especially engineering companies? I think we got $10,000 from HR Textron and another large sum around $5000 from Raytheon. Now that I’ve said this, I hope you don’t steal all the big sponsors in so cal :slight_smile:

I’m working on getting UCLA to sponsor my old team right now, hopefully that will pan out.

See this thread and help us out. We reallllyyy neeeed a corporate sponsor. We’ve sent about 8 letters. All of them got replies except one but none of them could really help us out. We followed up with a phonecall on the one that didn’t get a reply but still no response.

Until we can get a corporate sponsor, I’d like to still keep the focus of this thread toward the plaques. If you want to talk sponsors, please do so here