Plastic Motor Mount?

I am currently trying to put the plastic motor mount over the Bosch drill. I finally managed to slip the drill into the large single piece, but I am finding that the three smaller pieces are not slipping on correctly. Are these pieces too small or am I doing something incorrectly?

I also moved the white ring closer to the clutch (I believe this is high gear) and locked it in place by rotating the black ring that the motor fits into 180 degrees. Could this be part of the problem?


This is a puzzle. this is not that hard but all the part do go on nice.

If you want e-mail me and I will send a picture of it together

something to get you going wit the mount:

the little turqoize (i’m not sure how to spell that colour) wings just before the clutch, go to the front of the mount and on top. the front of the mount is where the transmition of the drill motor slides into (from the top) a sort of
colar and it cant really move from there except a littel tot he front…

i know its vague but i really hope this helps you

as I recall, one ring is bigger than all the others, and that one goes towards the connector but on the clutch, then the two smaller identical rings go over the motor, towards the contacts.