Play Lunacy This Sunday!

MiniFRC 2009 is underway!

Lunacy will be played this Sunday, Jan 11 in Manchester, NH, on a 1/3 scale using Vex robots. Registration is FREE, but you must bring at least one robot to be admitted.

Feel free to use materials not included in the Vex kit.
The maximum robot dimensions are 10" x 13" x 20", and there is no weight limit.

The balls are made from 1/32 lexan, cut into 10" by 3/4" strips. Pictures are attached, and you can learn to weave them here:

If you want to play, email



Where? NH?

Yes, Manchester NH

I know I can’t make it, but is there anything going to be done to make it similar to the driving surface for the game? Maybe allow only nontreaded wheels and use the same surface?

Updated. Learning in week 1 of build what most learn in their first regional is so exciting I can’t wait to spread the word!

Did you REALLY make 120 tiny greek footballs? If so, I’m rather envious.

can we please get some videos from this event if at all possible

thank you

Update: You must use the small vex wheels with no tread and the playing surface will be the same material as the official FRC field.

Footballs: We haven’t made 120 yet, we hope to be close by Sunday. Any teams that could make some and bring them would be greatly appreciated.

Hey ppl:
I seem to remember that Lochead Martin or somebody else has designed a “Lunacy” simulator.:eek: That can be downloaded onto your computer, so…

This will allow people to see things actually happen, instead of just happen in the computer. Granted, the simulation is freakin sweet. This also helps develop some good strategies.

where can you find the demo?

No demo yet… We should have an official website soon.

In the mean time, more information can be found here:
Existing 5th Gear (and other simulations) Discussion

How large are the balls going to be and how tall are the goals?

1/3rd scale

So, how did the mini-scrimmage go? What did the participants learn about the game? Looking forward to hearing more.

Wonderful, thanks! We had 4 teams represented who all learned a lot about the game. Thanks to all of them for participating, even through the snowstorm!

Thank you guys for putting it on. It was well worth going through the snow!

Where will the pictures and videos be posted? The rest of my team wants to see what happened.