Play the "2009 Withholding Allowance" Game!!

Hello Teams, welcome to the 2009 “Withholding allowance” game.

The game is simple. Listed below are 10 items that a team might carry in to the competition with them. Your task is to choose whether they fall under the withholding allowance rules for 2009 or not. Creative explanations are encouraged!

Item List:

  1. A nylock nut that has been threaded on and removed from a bolt.

  2. Spare wire (not a whole spool, just 10 or so feet cut off of it)

  3. A tube of 5 minute epoxy that has been opened. there is some cured epoxy crusted on the nozzle.

  4. Approximately 1/3 a sheet of Lexan cut because a full sheet takes up too much space in the pit.

  5. Some material for bumpers that were left over after cutting what is on the competition bot.

  6. Some scraps of metal tube leftover from some previous build season (unknown year).

  7. A rover wheel that has been used adn reconditioned per the “restoring damaged wheels” document on

  8. A driver station modified per the “grounding the driver station” document on

  9. The orbit ball from the KOP that has a broken strap riveted back together.

  10. A vision target for a practice trailer made with the colored fabric in the KOP.

Good luck and have fun!

#8 is in the allowance, however, it does not count against your weight. #9 and #10 aren’t robot parts, so they aren’t counted (or shouldn’t be–unless the GDC changes their minds).

#1-#6 would probably be counted. None of the items is COTS. #3, epoxy, might be excluded, as it is a fastener and is simply in its opened container. However, I doubt it.

#7 probably would count, too. It’s reconditioned–not new, but made almost new.

It’s sad when a rule comes to this in interpretation. Sometimes, things just get ridiculous.

  1. Unless damage was done to the bolt (ex. it was stripped or rusted), then not in the allowance. The nylon insert in a nylon bolt is not modified when using it, so the bolt is in an unmodified out of the box condition.

  2. This is not in the withholding allowance unless this is the final length it’ll be used in.

  3. This is not in the final form to be used on the robot (unless the team uses tubes of epoxy as ballast…), so not in the allowance.

  4. Same deal as #2

  5. Depends on whether this is the final form of the part or not

  6. If this was in the final form used by the previous robot, its illegal in the first place. Barring that, if its in its final form, in allowance, if not, then not.

  7. This is iffy. It is in ‘as new’ condition if the reconditioned correctly, just a slightly smaller diameter from wear. I am going to say in the allowance though since it has been modified to the final form used on the robot.

  8. Driver controls exempt from weight requirement, so, for all intents and purposes, the answer here does not matter.

  9. If you are using an orbit ball on your robot, in the allowance, otherwise, not.

  10. Same as above.

Summary: 1) No 2) Maybe 3) No 4) Maybe 5) Maybe 6) Maybe 7) Yes 8) Doesn’t matter 9) Probably No 10) Probably No