Playable FRC Simulator is here!

The people over at the FRC Simulator have been working hard to update the FRC Simulator software to get it more optimized for streaming events and to put together an official tournament in partnership with FUN. Here are the details:

Official FRC Sim Tournament: Join FUN and the FRC Sim as we play a digital, simulated version of Infinite Recharge!
Compete with and against robotics fans around the world while still maintaining social distancing!
Live on on Saturday, April 4 from 5:00pm-9:00pm ET
Signup now at . Slots are first come first served.

For those who are involved with FTC you know FTC 11115 Gluten Free and their awesome FTC simulator! Well they just released a FRC Infinite Recharge port (still called FTC Simulator, download version 4.1) and overall it’s pretty awesome.

In fact, we’re going to casually play some multiplayer casually tonight on FUN and stream it to

If you are interested in playing we’ll have more info on FUN’s Discord Also link to the FTC Sim Discord

There’s only 1 robot type available (though you could play with FTC bots, and you are not able to score on the control panel.


I’ll definitely be playing around with this.

This is awesome, just spent almost an hour playing around in it.

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I’m guessing by the Tips page that you must have a controller available to play? Would Xbox work?

You can use a keyboard. I prefer a controller (use a Logitech F310)


This simulator is absolutely fantastic. Had our strategy subteam playing it for several hours in teams, both to simulate actual strategies and relax during midterm week. Some mild bugs/issues we found were

  • No fouls for zone related contacts
  • Endgame climbs wouldn’t count if a bot that was not climbed was contacting the climbing bar
  • Pinning calls would often be called on the team that was being pinned
  • The dial on the back of the robot seemed to be random every match and was better to just ignore.

We also couldn’t seem to get 6 player working, the last two people would just join as spectators, however we may be doing something wrong. Despite all of this though, the game was incredibly fun and a big thanks to all involved in the creation of it.


Do you even balance?


omg i forgot to watch!!

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We’re still streaming for another hour.

Great last match!

I did record most of these and will post to YouTube, some of the dynamics and strategies were quite interesting (and some we’re ummmmmmmmm yeah…).


Xbox works

Do the triggers/bumpers do anything? It’s a thing on the keyboard with no function and seems to be nonexistent on Xbox controller

Is this anything like Synthesis?


@Tyler_Olds is there a FUN server for the simulator? and if so whats the IP address?

Speaking of servers, can you host your own?

I would be interested in renting a server to have a permanent game up. If anyone has a suggestion we could do for this I’m all ears.

Yes, there’s an option for this under run server. You will need to enable port forwarding on your router.

endgame climb has only 20 pts, should be 25.

I believe the climb is accurate, however I may be wrong. It appears as 20 points increasing because you have gone from a park (5 points) to a climb (25 points).

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You are correct, 5 points for the park, and 20 for a full climb.

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I believe I have a high score for solo robot. My best is 165 solo

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