Playable FRC Simulator is here!

Does anyone know how on get this to work on chrome os


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Let the games begin!

Watch us be great at driving on Sim but turn out super bad irl

I do not think it does but I would ask this in the FTCSim Discord (link in OP).

This is apparently being updated and should be ready on v4.2 release :slight_smile:

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I have no idea how to update the Sim, would i have an automatic download of some sort when it releases?

No, at this point you need to re-download and install when it releases.

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After a lot of back and forth on the best score between us (a friend and I) , our highest solo score (mine) was 219 pts

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Anyone wanna play right now? If there is enough interest I’ll open up a server

Anyone know if I can play with a Logitech 3D Pro?

I think a lot of the controllers actually work but you have to make sure the mapping is correct.

Version 4.2 is out!

Very cool! I’m definitely going to check this out :grinning:

Hi Aaron,

Thank you so much for this awesome tool! I’m trying to get it working on my xbox controller for tank drive such that when I press the right trigger I go forward and the left trigger I go back. I’ve tried messing around with the input bindings but have just messed things up more. Could you tell me how to fix this, or which input bindings correspond to left stick up, left stick down, and left stick left/right?


This is the input for a logitech controller. May be similiar for xbox.


Hey Tyler,

Yeah these are similar to what is on xbox right now. When I drive in real life I have Forza-like controls with the right trigger making u go forward and the left making u reverse. I just wanna set up the simulator like how I actually drive.

I am not actually the developer of the simulator- FTC 11115 Gluten Free is.

I’m just a someone who also loves this simulator.

I know that @Tyler_Olds said he would bring it up in the stream but is there going to be a release for the chrome os.

Not likely at this point.

Whats everyone’s high score so far? Mine is 144 on PC…
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