Player Station Measurements

We’ve been checking the manual all over and can’t find the required measurements for the robot control carrier that goes in the player’s station. It would be very helpful if someone could clear it up for us. Thanks :slight_smile:

Did you find the measurements for the shelf that it must sit on? That is the only real requirement…it has to fit on the shelf. From memory, the shelf is 4 feet wide and one foot deep, and has a strip of velcro running down the center for your console to stick to.

I looked through the rules and things but I couldn’t fidn where it says what side of the velcro is on the shelf. does anyone know?

Section 6.4.2 says it’s loop side.

Oh, and Squirrel: it’s 5’ (60") wide. The Velcro is 4.5’ x 2".