Player Station Signs

In thread “Red, Blue and Green Signs…HELP!!!”,
meaubry writes:
> The only signs that I am aware of is the one
> that each team is to make and bring that
> distinguishes your team #. We put them in
> front of each player station so the crowd
> and the announcers can tell whom each team is.

HUH??? WHAT sign? Is this a “sign on a post” or does it have to fit in some holder you have?
Does it need holes in it?

Sorry, but this is the first we’ve heard about it. If we have to make a sign, please state the dimensions and information format of it ASAP so we can whip one up. We’ve got a tiny placard attached to our cart and our robot markings, but nothing else. Definitely nothing made now that’s good enough for a gym audience viewing to ID the team name. (We assumed you were just going to put up a number placard like in the FIRST competition.)

BTW, Where was this stated? I can’t find it in the rules anywhere that we were supposed to make one, nor did I notice it mentioned on the Forum before now.


  • Keith McClary, Huron High Rookie Team 830, “The Rat Pack”