Playing Around Defence Question


Does anyone have videos of robots playing around defence effectively in this year’s game?

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If you watch the Champs for FIRST Mid-Atlantic on TBA and filter on matches with 1640, I thought they played pretty good against some solid defense. They have a swerve drive which enabled them to essentially spin around their opponent to get to the rocket. Sometimes it worked very effectively.


Are you looking for qualification or elimination matches?


Either works. Just looking for examples of bots that can play well against defence!


1747 played extremely well around defense at the Indiana DCMP event, watch them throughout finals


1747 played extremely well around defense at the Indiana DCMP event, watch them throughout finals

Seconded. 1747 took all of the defense on our alliance and still put up an incredible number of cycles. This also allowed us to score freely and fill in any gaps. I think 1747’s driver watched Tokyo Drift before the event, his drift onto Hab 1 in SF-2 after scoring 1 last cargo was amazing.


Check out 250 and 5943 at NY Tech Valley


1796 was really good playing around defense in SBPLI #2. Probably just as good in NYC but since I didn’t watch their matches there (we were competing there too), I wasn’t able to compare.


We’ve found that having as many places available to score as possible is the most important thing. Have a drive that’s faster than everybody else and work to drag the defender to open parts of the field then create a gap and score. Another important thing is using the HAB as a passing lane, getting pinned to the cargo ship slows you down and can result in robot damage.


4926 plays defense on 1747 for about the last 40 seconds of this match, but they still got a full rocket with the help from 1018 defending the defense. Only in this case 1018 did get carded. I would love to hear more opinions on the defend defense strategy!


I’m a little late to this thread but 2168 (Aluminum Falcons) were driving out-of-this-world at NE District Champs last weekend. They use jukes very well, fake going one way then go the other before you can react. They sneak into the HAB zone very well to avoid defense (or cause penalties). Also just make smart decisions by going to the cargo ship when the rocket is defended (this match is playoffs, so a full rocket was not a priority). Defense did not seem to slow them down.

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Can confirm that use of the hab zone to escape defender is often an effective strategy. Also spinning off can work can work subject to agility of your bot vs. defender, also driver skill factors in. Finally, using cargo module as a pick is fun if defender will not back off and slams the obstacle.


Hi I’m Noam the coach of TRIGON 5990 , we won a district event and our dcmp this year playing defense , I don’t have a specific video to recommend you but I do have some advice - one of the things that really got us this year was a robot taking from one feeder then crossing the field like it’s going to score on the other side of the field , and then when it is in front of the cargo ship cut back and go score on the original side of the field (the same side as the feeder you took from ) , because you’re in front of the cargo ship it is really hard for the drivers driving the defense bot to see behind the cargo ship on their side(essentially it’s a blind spot).this really threw us off and unless you know it’s coming really hard to stop.


Precisely what we were doing as much as possible. In a match at Ontario DCMP one defense bot knocked another over right in the spot you are speaking of, the action didn’t receive any penalty and I suspect that was mostly because there was no way for the driver to clearly see / determine what was happening behind the cargo module. Cameras can only tell you so much.

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Will admit they did a really good job getting out of that one. It’s a lot easier to shut down the rocket than the entire field. Kind of wanted it to just be a scoring battle, but once 558 came over if we didn’t do the same then it would’ve been too congested. I’ve also found that teams like 195 with their turret are good at avoiding defense (neos aside) because hitting them slightly off doesn’t matter if they can just turn the turret into the cargo ship.


Yes, I should have qualified that with the fact that it was good defense not just any defense. Scoring battles are definitely better for spectators, but it’s hard to see it be a viable strategy from this point on as defenders get better and better.