Playing Field for download

As I promissed some days ago in some thread, I posted the playing field we designed to our website

I believe it’s very accurate, since we use all the documents from the Official field drawings, but if you use it to get the measures, check it in the original documents too if it’s important.
Yeah I know there are minor mistakes like a few intersecting parts, but no big deal.
We don’t mind if you use the field in your Inventor Award screen shots, just include a foot note or something telling them the source :slight_smile:

Good Luck!

Edit: Let me know if you find anything wrong

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thanks a bundle, looks really nice.


When I opened it, I saw lots of yellow work features and orange welds. To others viewing the drawings:

If you want to turn this off, go to Object Visibility on the View menu. Uncheck All Workfeatures and Welds.

yeah I forgot that hehe, thanks

If you experience any problems during the download process, please contact us at [email protected]! It is supposed to be working just fine, but we can’t ever be sure! :rolleyes:

are those Inventor 11 files? Can you post an IGES file for those with 10?

Thank you very much.
Muinto Obrigado.

Thanks :D.

What did you use for chain, just cylinders?

Thanks, these are great drawings of the field!

Yes, it’s for Inventor 11, I’ll export them and try to post them there by tomorrow ok?

I used Sweep tool to make the links, it’s a real chain, but it doesn’t move cause its all made in one .ipt file

Thanks a bunch!

IGES file is up now, check it out

Disappointing. I can’t download these at school :(.

Thank you.

Loves new desktop picture

:slight_smile: :confused: :eek: :[size=]red blue green yellow:o :yikes:

I can’t wait to see a nice and detailed robot rendered on it :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting those drawings. I am having trouble downloading any of them from my network at home.

I get a message saying:

Your session was not validated and anti-leach measures are in effect.

Suggestions on what is wrong?

I got the same error message when I try to download it